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за підтримки
offline 29 — 31 / 10
за підтримки
Date of 27 September 2019
Time spending 10:15 — 11:45
Location Kharkov State Academy of Culture, Assembly Hall

Anton Yaremchuk

Within this practical master class, the watching of the diploma film by Anton Yaremchuk “The Pit” will take place in the context of a further detailed analysis of camera and cinematic solutions. It will focus on the integration of staged episodes into a documentary story without violating the reliability of the presented reality, as well as on creating an expressive, meaningful image within difficult technical conditions and a key ratio of video and audio footage when creating a holistic movie composition. The event was created  rimarily for students of film schools, novice cameramen and directors, as well as for
specialists in other fields, for example, filmmakers working
mainly in advertising and production space who plan to try
themselves in documentary.


Anton Yaremchuk, a Ukrainian cameraman and
cinematographer, works in Germany. His short film, «Punti di
Vista», on the life of ordinary students during the Revolution
of Dignity, was awarded the Generation Reporter 2015 prize
in Italy. Anton’s «The Pit» work, by the way, took part in the
official program of the film festivals such as Camerimage,
Docudays, IDFA and Beast Film Festival, where he received
the main prize for the best documentary.