01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Kharkiv MeetDocs Eastern Ukrainian Film Festival (KMD EUFF) – is an international documentary and feature film festival.

The festival was born to be a voice of the Ukrainian East. It focuses on the problems of the eastern regions of Ukraine and cultural exchange between different parts of Ukraine.

From the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine has been at the center of the world’s attention. Kharkiv MeetDocs strives to help Ukraine and Ukrainian artists to integrate into the global cultural field.

Culture is NOT beyond politics. It is always at the forefront of social changes and reacts to all challenges of today. Through art, cinema in particular, we can and should talk about important events in Ukraine. 

The voices of Eastern Ukraine and other regions suffering the most from the Russian invasion are central to us. Now it’s time to tell their stories in Ukraine and worldwide. And we will do it through Ukrainian films, discussions, and meetings with foreign colleagues.

We do not only talk about things that have already happened or are happening right now. We will discuss the future and dream together about new film concepts, the development of the Ukrainian film industry, the start of new partnerships, and co-productions. Furthermore, we will link the Ukrainian film industry with film industries from all around the world.

Kharkiv MeetDocs, as a communication platform, aims to become a bridge between documentary cinema perception and current events in Ukraine. This festival is a place for networking between professionals, beginners in the film industry, and a broad audience. 

From the very beginning, we popularize documentaries about significant milestones of Ukrainian history and prop up the demand for relevant quality cinema. We help the Ukrainian audience understand and value documentary cinema while assisting the artists in finding new ideas, ways to express them, and new collaborations to put those to fruition. Now, we also want to help the world in understanding Ukraine, its history, culture, character, problems, aspirations, and dreams through the lens of our cinema.