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за підтримки
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за підтримки
Director Semen Mozhovyi
Producer Taras bosak, Oleksiy Chepiga
A country Ukraine, Czech Republic
Year 2018
Duration 75'
Genre documentary film


The story of the film is based on the fate of the floriculture pavilion of the former VDNKh and its old worker, Valentina Voronina, who maintains this space by investing her own life there when suddenly changes come
to her. After forty-five years of work, she is asked to retire. And Voronina does not agree with this, since she believes that all plants will die without her. At the same time, a group of mysterious radioesthetists finds a channel of powerful positive energy at the entrance to the pavilion.


28-09-2019 17:30 Planeta Kino
Kharkiv premiere
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28-09-2019 17:30
Planeta Kino
Kharkiv premiere