01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

This is an incredible story of Valerii Markus, a paratrooper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a participant in the Russian-Ukrainian war, a blogger, traveler and author of the bestseller book “Footprints on the Road”.

To somehow structure in his mind the three years he spent in the war, Valerii Markus leaves Paris for the Way of El Camino de Santiago. But will the paratrooper find peace by following the legendary path of the pilgrims? What changes will Valerii get after all that he has gone through and why is he being drawn to another long journey again and again?




About Director

Sergii Dmytrenko

Sergii Dmytrenko was born in 1985 in Volnovakha town, Donetsk region of Ukraine. After school, he moved to Kyiv to study a management. As a student began to be interested in video shooting and editing.
Since 2008 Sergii works in production studios and on TV channels, produced music clips and commercials. After receiving a bachelor’s degree at the Film School in 2015, Sergii started written scripts for himself film projects: short, feature movies and documentary.

2022 «Free Man. Pilgrimage»
2020 «Country to Ukraine» (documentary limited series)
2019 «The Main Character» (short film)
2018 «Manа́. Begins of legend» (short film)
2017 «Free Man» (documentary series)


Творча команда

Producer Oleksandr Slyvka
Operator Mykola Kapelka
Actors Valerii Markus, Yanina Sokolova, Oleksandr Polozhynskyi, Igor Khmylevskyi

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05-10-2022 14:10 (Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою
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05-10-2022 14:10
(Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою