01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

The war in Yugoslavia attracted the attention of the whole world. That’s where the first one went in 1992 peacekeeping contingent of Ukraine. But bringing peace and salvation they could not imagine what enemy will have to face.




About Director

Valentyna Okhlopkova, Myroslav Hai

Myroslav Hai
Myroslav graduated from Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary in 2015. Then he taught acting for 15 years, and was also an actor in theatre and cinema.
After Euromaidan revolution (2014) he began active volunteering and got the rank of officer, at the same time he founded the studio MIR&CO PRODUCTION, where he is actively involved in film production.

Valentyna Okhlopkova
Was born in the Kyiv. Received education at the Latvian Bible College in 2002and the School of Creative Arts, University of the Nations in 2006.
Since 2018, Valentina has been the chairman of the NGO “Corps of Justice”.
Organizer of many author’s projects and exhibitions: “Border” (2015), “Mariupol – a city that defends itself” (2016), peaceful action “Day of Russia – the day of the occupier” (2020).
She is the author of the idea and assistant director of the documentary films “Crimea, as it was” (2016) and “Peacemakers. In the mountains of Svaneti” (2019)


Творча команда

Producer Myroslav Hai, Kyrylo Nechmonia
Operator Kyrylo Nechmonia, Kyrylo Svietashov

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05-10-2022 12:20 (Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою
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05-10-2022 12:20
(Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою