online 26 — 31 OCTOBER
Date of 30 October 2020
Time spending 11:00 — 13:00
Location Zoom conference
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Lada Sabova

A brief from the agency. How to grasp the essence of the idea. Treatment. How to show your author’s vision. Directing script and camera report. How to work with the story structure. How to specify details in the terms of visual capture. Pre-production. How to brief and synchronize the work of the whole team. Test shooting. Understanding what works and what doesn’t. Details. How to choose a location. How to achieve the desired effect in each shot. How to make a cinematic ad. Shooting. How to organize work on the site (from the director’s point of view). How to work with actors. How to recognise when the desired shot has been captured. Assembling. What if the camera report montage doesn’t work. Color correction. How to use color to create an atmosphere. Post-production. How to reinforce the story with the help of a post and cover tracks of the foul-ups on the site. Music. How to create music for the dramatic art of the story. How to explain the task to the composer. Noises. How to work with unrealistic noises and keep the cinematic sound. Presentation to the client. How to present and justify all the changes

Lada Sabova. Director. Worked with Arriba!, ONIagency, Angry. Her projects include: Syngenta, “Give Socks for Oneself”, “Kick in the Head”, Dodo, Hily, Taimi, “Uniformed Police”. Author of the film-winner under the audience voting at the FashionFilmFestivalKyiv2020, and semi-finalist of CanadianInternationalFashionFilmFestival2020 with her work “Rhythm in the Pocket”, for the brand KarmanBags.