01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

During the global coronavirus pandemic when the entire world comes to a halt, the inhabitants of the remote mountain village in western Ukraine continue living life to the fullest. Only a local team of women paramedics know what’s really going on…





About Director

Dmytro Hreshko

Since 2018, has been start studying and filming documentaries and created his first documentary “66 Scenes of Uzhhorod”. In 2019 created a documentary about mountain rescuers and rescued tourists – “Snow Leopards of the Carpathians.” In 2020, a documentary short film was created about ambulance workers – “Save me, doctor!”. The short was recognized as the best Ukrainian film at the Wiz Art FF and received a special jury award at the Molodist FF in 2020. Now lives in Kyiv, Ukraine and finished a documentary film about an ambulance crew in a small mountain village during the covid pandemic “Mountains and heaven in between” (2021). Film was selected for Docudays for national premiere and Sheffield DocFest for international premiere in 2022.

“Mountains and heaven in between” (2021) – feature documentary
“Save me, Doctor!” (2020) – short documentary
“Snow Leopard of the Carpathians” (2019) – feature TV documentary
“66 scenes of Uzhgorod” (2018) – medium format documentary


Творча команда

Producer Polina Herman
Operator Dmytro Hreshko

Sessions offline

03-10-2022 15:30 (Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою
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03-10-2022 15:30
(Українська) Жовтень / Зал КІНОМАН
(Українська) Після сеансу Q&A з творчою групою