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Date of 28 September 2019
Time spending 13:50 — 15:50
Location Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Audience A7 of the new building.

Irma Vitovskaya, theater and film actress

Transformation of the hero in the middle of the story in a film, how an actor builds his character, what is the
«sketching method» – Irma Vitovskaya will share the basic secrets of acting.

Speaker: Irma Vitovskaya, theater and film actress, producer, public figure; works at the Youth Theater.
Laureate of national awards for cinema «Golden Yula» (Best Actress for Women 2018) and «Cinema» (Best
Actress 2018) for the film «The Gateway« (dir. V. Tikhiy).Twice winner of the national Teletriumph Television Award.