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Date of 26 September 2019
Time spending 10:00 — 13:00
Location Simon Kuznets Kharkov National Economic University, Assembly Hall

* Sergey Bobok – journalist, co-founder of the internet edition
«KharkivTimes» and correspondent of «Ukrainian News» news agency;
* Olena Lvova, correspondent for Interfax Ukraine news agency;
* Olga Kalenichenko, war correspondent, journalist for RadioFreeEurope,
Current time TV;
* Kyrylo Nechmonia, producer of the film Peacekeepers;
* Stephane Siohan, French journalist for Le Figaro, producer of Home
* Olena Rofe-Beketova, director of the Charity Fund «Kharkov with you»,
organizer of the initiative group #SaveKharkiv;

* Lubov Knorozok, producer of «Facade color: blue»;
* Dmitry Tyazhlov, director of the film «No Status»;
* Alexey Vetrov, the hero of the film «No Status»;
* Julia Konotoptseva, Chairman of the Board, CF «Station «Kharkov » .

Moderator Olesya Anastasyeva

A low level of education, a considerable amount of paid journalism in the information space, a lack of qualified personnel, low salaries – all these problems are known to the Ukrainian media, but they are even more noticeable in the regions. In regional centers, information is mainly provided by local authorities or oligarchs in a way that is beneficial to them. Problems are inherent in the journalistic circle of Kharkov and are there any ways to solve them?
Indeed, after the Maidan, has the level of public activity in Ukraine grown? And how is this manifested?

The conference will be presented the following documentaries:
«Peacekeepers. In the mountains of Svaneti», dir. Andrey Kirshin;
«No Status. Ukraine», dir. Dmitry Tyazhlov;
«Facade color: blue», dir. Alexey Radinsky.