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Date of 28 September 2019
Time spending 13:30 — 15:00
Location Kharkiv National University of Economics Seeds Kuznets, Room 311 of the library building

Korney Gritsyuk, director and screenwriter

With a budget of $ 350, director Korney Gritsyuk made his debut full-length film in the style of mockumentary (pseudo-documentary film) «2020 # a deserted country», which became the first film of this genre in history in Ukraine. The tape became a member of many Ukrainian and European film festivals and went to Ukrainian
distribution. Korney will tell you how to make independent low-budget films, how to attract famous actors and how
to make the atmosphere of the film without scenery.

Tutor: Korney Gritsyuk, director and screenwriter who lives and works in Kiev. Born in Donetsk, where he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. In 2018, in the 47th Kiev International Film Festival «Molodist», the premiere of the independent full-length mockumentary «2020 # a deserted country» was held, on which Korney
worked for two and a half years. In November-December 2018, the film was released in film distribution across
Ukraine. In 2018-2019, the film was shown at many film festivals on cultural venues in Ukraine, Germany, the USA,
Sweden, and the Czech Republic.