online 26 — 29 / 10
за підтримки
offline 29 — 31 / 10
за підтримки
Date of 29 September 2019
Time spending 15:00 — 17:00
Location Kharkiv Palace hotel

Pitching Jury

Serhiy Bukovsky

Vitaly Mansky

Valentin Marchenko


Benjamin Cantu

Anna Palenchuk

Felix Kriegsheim


Both professional and non-professional filmmakers can become participants in the pitching session at our festival.
The competition is preceded by a three-day workshop from European filmmakers, who annually produce several major film and television projects. You will learn how to present your project according to international standards in 10 minutes in front of a large audience. And we also prepared a prize very useful in the film industry – a modern quadrocopter DJI Mavic Pro Platinum!

Full documentary projects  are accepted for the competition.

Pitching will take place:

When: September 29th / 15:00 – 17:00
Where: Hotel Kharkiv Palace

Winners Award will take place during the official closing ceremony of the festival on September 29 at the Kharkiv Palace hotel at 17:45.