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Date of 26 September 2019
Time spending 13:55 — 15:50
Location Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, А-7

* Anna Karnaukh, manager of the Culture Bridges program;
* Elena Rasskazova, head of the East Ukrainian representative
office of the International Renaissance Foundation
* Artem Konovalov, program director of the Center for
Community Development (Kharkov), expert on institutional
development of civil society organizations;
* Denis Tkachev, project coordinator of the German Society for
International Cooperation GIZ, expert of the initiative of the EU
Delegation to Ukraine «Team Europe».

Moderator Olesya Anastasyeva, freelance journalist, member of the Public Council at Ukrainian State Film Agency

First-hand funding opportunities for cultural projects. What do grantors pay attention to? How to add to the project
maximum value? How to get financing from donors, both local and foreign? Representatives of the Culture Bridges
program from the British Council in Ukraine, which aims to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors, and
almost a third of the budget of which is spent on the Culture subprogramme, will reveal answers to these questions.
And also – the representative of the East Ukrainian regional representative office of the International Renaissance
Foundation will tell how they work with public organizations and initiative groups.