This competition will happen for the first time in the 4-year history of the film festival!
A competition of nonfiction features produced in Ukraine and those of joint national production will be held.

Competitive screenings will take place as part of the Kharkiv MeetDocs online festival from October 26 to 29,  supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Each film will be available for viewing for two days.

Full-length non-fiction films (50 minutes and more) produced in Ukraine, or those of co-production with Ukraine within the period 2019–2020, are allowed to participate in the National Competition.

Priority is given to films that:

  • are devoted to the present time or the history of the East of Ukraine; help to understand the precursors of the Russian-Ukrainian war; demonstrate the lives of the inhabitants of these regions; de-mythologize the narrative of the Donbass, etc.;
  • contain highly professional screenwriting, acting, directorial work, montage and cinematography;
  • have a fresh idea or suggest an original view toward the phenomenon of human existence;
  • promote the values identifying the modern society, in particular, raising a number of issues related to human rights;
  • are devoted to significant historical topics.

Films for participation in the National Competition will be enrolled by the members of the Festival Selection Committee, which include industry professionals top-ranked by the Ukrainian film community.

Selection Committee:

  • Eugenia Kriegsheim, director and founder of the Kharkiv MeetDocs International Film Festival (Germany);
  • Alex Malyshenko, a film journalist and co-founder of the non-profit movie-club Polotno popularizing Ukrainian cinema;
  • Victor Glon, selector and program coordinator of the Kiev International Film Festival “Youth” and the American Film Festival “Independence”;
  • Felix Kriegsheim, producer and director of nonfiction features and live-action films;
  • Anastasia Pugach, coordinator of the Kharkiv MeetDocs Film Festival, an expert in the field of promotion of nonfiction and short-length feature films and film projects.


Start of application received: July 2.
Deadline: September 15th.
Submit a film to participate in the National Competition: https://filmfreeway.com/KharkivMeetDocs.


There you can also submit a film to participate in the online competition of the short-length independent film “Bardak”.