01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

It’s a story of loses and revival, disappointment and triumph. One of the numerous incredible and true stories of the war.


About Director

Oleksii Alexi Kyselov

2022 – a music video of Bilodub – Nachtigall. Solaris Video. https://youtu.be/t4ithsGjfyo
Indie online film award. Award winner
Onyko Films Awards. Award winner.
Golden Horse International Film Festival. Award winner.
Nitiin International Film Festival. Award winner.

2021 – a music video of Kraamola – About Her. Solaris Video.

Brazil International Film Festival. Award Winner

2021 – a music video of Ola Borodkina – “Vasya Klyukvin”. Solaris Video

The music video is the winner of the X International Film Festival “Cinema and You” in the nomination “Best Music Video”
Special Mention of the Bardak Film Fest.

2021 – web series “Pabratske”. Solaris Video.

2021 – feature film ” Nuclear Heaven ” (fiction). Solaris Video. Premiere in 2022.