01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Didko (aka the devil) is a character of Ukrainian folk demonology. The narrative conveys that didko is waiting for everyone who misbehaves and will torture them.
Only this work doesn’t depict them in a traditional way, with little horns upon the pig’s face, with goat legs and covered in fur. Instead, it suggests their appearance as humans, implying that anyone could be a sinner and anyone could be a devil.


About Director

Roman Dzonkovsky

Roman Dzvonkovsky was born in Ukraine in 1987, he graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Design.
Stop motion animator, video designer, decorator, founder of his own studio Dzvonk motion.
He worked as a video designer for TV-channels.
Member of the film crew of the documentary film project “Living Fire”.
He studied Computer Animation and Film Studies UMCS in Lublin (Poland).