01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

On a high mountain by the ocean there’s a small town called Amberwood, in caves of which life has been developing for many years. Its residents did not realize that in the meantime another life form, quite different from the human one, was developing just under their feet.
Years went by, and the story of the cave creatures became an urban myth that local kids used to tell in order to scare their younger siblings, and only the older generation living in this town knew well that all of that was true.
Life in the town changed when local authorities decided to build underground sewerage channels. Or so-called collectors, due to the high rainfall in this region. The project aimed at solving the problem of frequent flooding in residential areas of the town after heavy rains, as well as draining wastewater to the nearest water bodies.
During construction, workers began to stumble upon sealed tunnels, which weren’t previously displayed in the general plan of the town. Without any hesitation, the builders began to use them as additional spaces for water drainage not realizing that by doing that, they had destroyed the barrier between two completely different worlds. A world of eyes that haven’t seen sunlight in centuries.


About Director

Roman Osipenko

I was born and raised in the Odesa region, Ukraine. In a small town Usatove, where the first short film was shot.
At the moment of writing this autobiography, I graduated from college with a degree in «Software Engineering», but my entire life I’ve been doing photography, video and movies.
My first attempts to prove myself to the world were made by posting my photos on social media. At that time, I had no funds to buy a good camera, so I often had to borrow equipment from my friends and acquaintances. In addition to all the above, I also devoted all of my free time to editing videos and creating simple visual effects.
After a while, I saved up for my first decent Sony camera and began to practice filming videos. At first, I took part in various projects I could only get to. One of them was a film produced by Odessa Film Studio titled «Smile of the Lioness» where I worked as the second cameraman (My name is listed in the credits for this film).
The turning point in my life was the shooting a 30-second short clip about a missing girl named Sarah Montis. After many positive reviews on social media, the decision is made to develop this story further. A year after the success of that clip, a script for the short film «Two hours earlier» is written to which I devote all my free time after work and college.
With the support of my family and friends, with the money I earned on my own, I produce this film.


Творча команда

Actors (Українська) Юлія Ликова, Анастасія Прилуцька, Станіслав Привалов