01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Pavlo suffers from burnout on his job and once again he was sent on a work trip against his will. Nevertheless, he feels safe in this way of things.

On a road, he meets mischievous explorer Alise on her travel around a country. This is where the clash of two different worlds happened.

Will Pavlo brake his shell and find freedom or just run away?


About Director

Daniel Golovnya

My name is Daniel.

I was born on 20 Jun 1993 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since teenage, I was interested in poems. This developed to rap lyrics and song records. For about five years it was my way to tell stories. At those times, I loved films for sure but didn’t try to make my own nor was interested in photography.

I graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Political Science.

After graduation, I worked in a family business. Which has no connection with the arts.

But my lingering interest in writing brought me to screenwriting courses in 2018 and after that, in 2020 I was enrolled in Ukrainian Film School in a course called ‘Movie Direction’.
Our Diploma project called ‘Flying Turtle’ was rewarded with Best Director Work, Best Actress, and Best Director of Photography.

After the unprovoked russia invasion to Ukraine, the war started. Because of that, currently, I’m living in the USA, Texas, Austin.

Thank you for your interest and attention,


Творча команда

Producer Kateryna Pyshchykova, Anhelina Stepanenko
Operator (Українська) Антон Гудков
Actors Anton Kocherha, Alisa Voznesenska, Oleksandra Soroka, Svitlana Bukhta, Vitalii Ishchenko, Mykhailo Myrnyi, Yan BIdnyi, Artem Yemelianov