01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Anna Eborn’s portrait of an octogenarian Swedish woman in Ukraine LIDA is a modern, poetic, cinematic experience. It is not a conceptual movie nor meant to be consumable in a straight way. By blending time and places – a narrative painting is created about a family love that only exists in memories. These are told in a timeless way by the main character Lida and her son and sister, mixing them, so that the characters can communicate with each other, regardless of the miles and hours separating them. The film is an impressionistic, dreamy piece about beautiful characters, that span generations and who have lived through the war, a war that they aren’t a part of, or involved in, but are, nonetheless, irreversibly affected by. Now they can only be connected to each other through their common memories, and the distances between them seem to vanish. Lida is an old Babushka, who is the last Old-Swedish speaking person in a former Swedish settlement from the 18th century in Ukraine. LIDA is about the cycle of time and a community with a unique language disappearing.



Tempo Documentary Festival 2018 Winner

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About Director

Anna Eborn

Anna Eborn is a director and editor


Pine Ridge (2013) 

Lida (2017)

Transnistra (2019)


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