01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Lelya and Roman are people of the young generation who were born in independent Ukraine, but due to the low standard of living, instability and the desire for more, they decide to leave it. Lela’s parents have long despaired in their country, so they went to look for and build their happy life abroad. Using their example, a young girl who does not see the future and development of the country convinces her fiancé that moving to another country can dramatically change their lives. But Roman understands that the problem is not in Ukraine and does not want to leave his home.
The night before they leave, they have an argument, as a result of which the couple realizes that each of them had their own life priorities, which they never discussed. But the question becomes so acute that in the end Roman and Lelya think about whether they will be able to build a common future.


About Director

Khrystyna Pankiv

Творча команда

Actors Ostap Ripka, Sezaria Honcharova