01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Ismet is a Turkish soldier, who was on duty at the border as a Commander of the Coast Guard and recently got retired. Now as a civilian, he struggles to communicate with his family and people surrounding him. His only son abandoned him and left to the U.S. And now his wife wants to join her son, too. After suddenly becoming neighbors with two refugees (Omar and Mariye) at his house near the Turkish-Greek border and the humane experience he has to live through, he now has to face his prejudices and his political view.




About Director

Maryna Er Gorbach, Mehmet Bahadir Er (co-director)

Mehmet Bahadir Er
Mehmet Bahadir ER (1982, Turkey) is student at the film school in Istanbul. The Earthquake (2005), one of his short films, won an award for Best Short at the Istanbul Independent Film Festival. Black Dogs Barking (2008) is his first feature.
Goygoy (2004, short), Zilzal/The Earthquake (2005, short), Umut/Hope (2006, short), Araf/The Heights (2007, short), Kara köpekler havlarken/Black Dogs Barking (2009), Love Me (2013), Omar and Us (2019)

Maryna Er Gorbach
Maryna Er GORBACH (1981, Ukraine) graduated from Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV in 2006. Her first short film The Jar (2004) won awards at different international festivals. The Debt (2006) was her graduation film. Black Dogs Barking (2008) is her first feature.
The Jar (2004, short), The Debt (2006, short), Kara köpekler havlarken/Black Dogs Barking (2009, co-dir), Love Me (2013), Omar and Us (2019), Klondike (2022)


Творча команда

Producer Mehmet Bahadir Er
Operator Aydin Sarioglu
Actors Cem Bender, Taj Sher Yakub, Menderes Samancilar , Hala Alsayasneh

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The show begins 01 October and ends 14 October .