01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

In the post-apocalyptic world, a young hero, Insurgent, wakes up. He survived the nuclear winter, and is amazed at how much the world around him has changed: the sun no longer warms, it looks like a lacerated wound, there is a cold and poisonous atmosphere around. Now many of the survivors are under the rule of the Cyber Succubus, who controls them with microchips and cyber devices.
It is not easy for the hero to maintain freedom when the Witch directs not only her spells, but also Cyber Slaves (Hunters) on him. But he is determined, and is not going to live in the captivity of illusions.
Despite the fact that the Hero rebelled alone against the army of Cyber Hunters, he is ready to break the system! Music emphasizes the severity of the battle. During the hunt for the hero, Trickster and Ripper kill the musicians who unwittingly witnessed the battle, but they manage to create a fight anthem that is the culmination of the story. Insurgent neutralizes the Cyber Hunters and defeats the Cyber Witch herself, freeing those she has already subdued.
In the finale, Insurgent appears as an old man – the struggle for freedom lasted his entire life! Dystopian world and mesmerizing rock music – as a vivid metaphor for our own struggle with inner demons.

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(Українська) Середній рейтинг 4.7 / 5. (Українська) Кількість голосів: 157

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About Director

(Українська) Антон Галушка-Адайкін

(Українська) Фільмографія:

  • Харків Голокост (2019)
  • Без Шор (2018)

Творча команда

Producer (Українська) Антон Галушка-Адайкін
Operator (Українська) Сергій Громов
Music (Українська) Григорій Чайка

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The show begins 29 September and ends 01 October .