01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

The modern world in which Adam and Eve are parting. After spending a plenty of time together, the couple realizes that they don’t feel anything for each other. So, they just need to let it go. However, the problem is that despite the lack of feelings, they just got used to each other.


About Director

Stanislav Konoplov is a Ukrainian director and writer (writer’s pseudonym Vasyl Lystopad).
Stanislav was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He lived for a year in Melitopol, the city which now is fighting against russian nazi. In 2014 came to Krakow, Poland for studying. In 2020 directed and produced two music videos for Ukrainian musician Shavaliuk. At the beginning of the 2021 started work in Vis a Vis theatre in Krakow as camera operator and editor. Soon as a script writer.
In summer 2021 starts a trilogy project ‘Bitter presence’ about humans loneliness.
Together with producer Neco Yakubo, makes his first short film ‘Pa’ (first film of the trilogy), which won several independent film festivals (best black&white film, best short film screenwriter).
In January 2022 makes his second film of the trilogy ‘You promised not to be sad’, in which he plays male main role.
In spring 2022 starts the last film of trilogy ‘How are you?’ about the war in Ukraine.


Творча команда

Producer Stanislav Konoplov, Anastasia Shevchenko
Actors Olha Tsys, Stanislav Konoplov