The film follows 10-year-old Oleh, whose life has been turned upside down by the ongoing war in East Ukraine. Oleh lives with his beloved grandmother Oleksandra in a small house in a village on the frontline. Most people have left the village, but Oleh and Oleksandra love their life together there, and want to stay on and take care of each other. But life is becoming more and more difficult and the war does not seem to end.



Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2017, winner First Appearance Award.

Bodil Awards 2019, winner.

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US 2019, winner Spotlight Award.

Copenhagen TV Festival 2020, winner TV Prisen.

Danish Film Awards (Robert) 2019, winner.

Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival2018, winner, Students Jury Prize, Nominee DOCU / WORLD (the international competition of feature- and medium-length documentaries which are longer than 30 minutes).

Göteborg Film Festival 2018, winner Dragon Award.

Munich International Documentary Festival (DOK.fest) 2018, winner Viktor Award.

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2018, winner FIPRESCI Prize, winner Golden Alexander,

winner Human Values ​​Award.


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(Українська) Середній рейтинг 4.9 / 5

(Українська) Поки що голосів немає! Будьте першим, хто оцінив


About Director

Simon Lereng Wilmont

Simon Lereng Wilmont graduated as a documentary film director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2009. He holds a BA in Japanese. His film Above the Ground, Beneath the Sky won Best Short at Vision du Réel, Dormitory Master won the Gold Panda award at the Sichuan TV Festival. His first feature documentary, Travelling with Mr. T, was co-directed with Andreas Dalsgaard and nominated for a Nordic Dox Award. Wilmont has also directed the documentaries Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler’s Son, which was screened at a number of international festivals, and The Distant Barking of Dogs, which was selected for competition at IDFA.



Selected: Ramona’s Journey (2004)

Above the Ground, Beneath the Sky (2008)

Dormitory Master (2009)

Travelling with Mr. T (2012)

Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler’s Son (2014)




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The show begins 28 September in 08:00 and ends 28 September in 23:59.