01 — 06 OCTOBER 2022

Jasmin and Jastrip are both 12 years old and live in Kiev. Jasmin is a girl from a loving family, who wants to excel at all cost. Jastrip is a boy, who is neglected and simply wants to find a place where he is loved. They both visit the Azovez camp which aims to raise a new class of patriotic warriors for a Ukraine of tomorrow. There the kids learn how to be real Ukrainians, to fight, to shoot, to yell, to get orders and to give orders. And over time this changes them.



​​Odessa International Filmfestival – Best European Documentary (Award Winner)

Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2020 – Best Documentary (Award Winner)

IDFA 2019 – Student Competition (Special Jury Mention)

2020 HOT DOCS Canadian International Documentary Festival – World Showcases

DOK.fest München – Student Competition (Special Jury Mention)

Tirana International Film Festival – Documentary Competition (Special Jury Mention)

Deutscher Dokumentarfilmpreis 2020 (German Documentary Award) – Competition

Max Ophüls Preis Festival – Documentary Competition

Sehsüchte – Documentary Competition

Sehsüchte – Documentary Competition

International Film Festival Edinburgh (EIFF) – Documentary Competition

17th Millenium Docs Against Gravity – Official Selection Amnesty International Award 2020

Tempo 2020 Documentary Festival – Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

Minsk International Filmfestival – Documentary Competition

Cork International Film Festival – Documentary Competition

One World 2020 – Official Selection

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin – Documentary Competition

Film Festival Fünf Seen – Ukraine in focus

Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück – Documentary Competition

Globale Leipzig GlobaLE – Ukraine in focus

Globale Mittelhessen – Documentary Competition

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(Українська) Середній рейтинг 5 / 5

(Українська) Поки що голосів немає! Будьте першим, хто оцінив




About Director

Moritz Schulz

Moritz grew up in Berlin. 2005 he moved to Freiburg in Southern Germany to study History, Political- and Islam Science at the Albert-Ludwigs-University. In 2007 he shot the poetic documentary ‚Gehsteige‘ in Istanbul. Among other projects, he later worked as a co-writer at the essay film ‚Paradigma‘. In 2011 he began an editorial Internship at the local TV Station ‚TV Südbaden‘ where he developed and realised his own TV-formats. After completing the Internship he worked for several production companies, partly for documentary projects (such as ‚37 Grad‘), fictional formats as well as commercials (e.g. Roche Pharma, DB AG). Furthermore, he functioned as head of the political department at the newly founded regional TV Station ‚Baden TV Süd‘ in the city of Freiburg. Since then he began a secondary study in the field of Directing/ TVJournalism at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. His last mid-length documentary ‚Roadside Radiation‘ (2016) was part of multiple international film festivals (Naturvision Festival, Envirofilm Festival, Provinziale, DOK Market Leipzig



2019 Summerwar (feature documentary, 78min) 

2018 Oma ist eindeutig blau (Short documentary, 13min) 

2018 All inclusive (TV magazine, 49min) 

2016 Roadside Radiation (Documentary, 56min) e.g. Naturvision Festival, Envirofilm Festival, NYI Festival 

2012 Paradigma (doc-graduation film, 32min) 

2008 Gehsteige (Essay film, 14min)


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