online 26 — 31 OCTOBER
Date of 30 October 2020
Time spending 13:00 — 15:00
Location Invite Hub (Scripnik str, 14A)
Попередня реєстрація

Rymma Ziubina

Master class from the leading Ukrainian actress Rimma Zyubina

Free entrance

* Work on the text of the role and image creation

* Casting – humiliation or victory over oneself

* No-one has compromised ethics in the relationship

* How to survive unemployment and periods of “downtime”. Your questions and my sincerest answers

Rymma Ziubina

Ukrainian actress, TV presenter, public activist. She was awarded the title of “Best Actress 2016-2019” according to the rating “Filmed in Ukraine”. For role of Darina in the film “Dove’s Nest” she received awards at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany), the International Film Festival in Varna (Bulgaria), “Prize from Jury ” in Mumbai (India), “Golden Duke” for the best film of the national program at the OIFF (Odessa). In 2017, she received the award of the Ukrainian Film Academy “Golden Whirlwind”. According to FOCUS magazine in 2017, the actress was among the 100 most influential women in Ukraine. She is winner of many theater awards, in particular, twice winner of Kyiv Pectoral – the most prestigious theater award of Ukraine.